Saturday, February 21, 2009

Always a bad idea

I'm a life long Westerner with an outsiders view of the tensions over language, nation and history that central Canadians live with so uneasily.

But maybe that's what allowed me to look at the plans to re-enact the battle of the Plains of Abraham and immediately think 'Isn't this kind of similar to the Protestant Orange men in Ireland marching through Catholic neighborhoods to celebrate their historical victory over them?' The kind of display that increases sectarian tension and ill feeling with predictable results.

I mean, it would piss me off if I was Francophone.

Did some of the nationalists involved ratchet up their indignation and attack this proposal for their own ends? I'm sure they did. Could anyone have guessed they would do exactly that? I think so.

I don't advocate forgetting or ignoring history but that doesn't have to mean needless provocation does it?

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