Thursday, February 26, 2009

CMA Rebirth?

After two Canadian Medical Association presidents in a row, Dr Brian Day and Dr Robert Oulette, who are private clinic entrepreneurs promoting healthcare privatization, the CMA's next president may be a fervent defender of public healthcare who opposes any further privatization.
After a succession of pro-privatization heads of the Canadian Medial Association, Ottawa doctor Jeff Turnbull hopes to change things.
"Privatization is not the answer," says Turnbull, one of three doctors vying to be next in line to lead the CMA. Turnbull, chief of staff at Ottawa Hospital, warns that allowing more private care will simply drain the public system of people and resources, leaving it less able to help those who can't afford private care.
"It will be the most vulnerable who will be hurt the most," he says. "It will be two-tier medicine."
The other two candidates in the election would continue the deceptive and counter-productive policy of supporting further encroachment of privatization but as the Globe and Mail reports, Turnbull 'has picked up backing from medical school deans and department heads, the president of Toronto's huge University Health Network, global humanitarian activist James Orbinski, leading researchers and a remarkable number of medical students and residents.'

Not to mention recent events perhaps focusing peoples minds on the drawbacks of the ideology that an unfettered market is the ideal solution to everything...

UPDATE: Turnbull's in. Barring a floor challenge in August he will be the next CMA president. The CMA has regained it's soul.

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