Thursday, April 02, 2009

And then there was one

As the Liberals and Greens self destruct, progressive Albertans are left with only one viable left of center party to support. Just as the NDPs financial analysis is born out by events.

Only one party has the models to explain what has happened to the world economy, and policies in place to deal with it.

Expect a big growth in support for the Alberta NDP in the next provincial election.

Also see Tiny Perfect Blog: The Future of the Left

UPDATE: See Lawrence Martin's rather condescending but basically accurate take on why the NDP have the answers ready for this crisis and have been prophetic about the economy but don't seem to be getting any polling traction anyway. Particularly surprising was the candid admission that the right has big media behind it in Canada fighting a holding action against the kind of economic policies the NDP propose and the NDP are stagnating due to our ideas being locked out of the public sphere. I agree with his central premise that the NDP needs to be more aggressive about making inroads into the fourth estate.


Niles said...

Oh, you optometrist. I keep thinking, all these people are moving to Alberta from other places, so we should be showing that in the voting demographics...right? Right?

(sound of crickets)

Cliff said...

I don't recall ever fitting anybody for new glasses...

Tiny Perfect Blog said...
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