Friday, April 03, 2009

Racist Betrayal of a Canadian Citizen

Abousfian Abdelrazik has been cleared by the RCMP, CSIS and The Sudanese authorities (after months of torture) of any involvement in terrorism. He has clearly been determined by the Canadian Embassy in Sudan to not be a threat or presumably they wouldn't let him live there.

The Canadian government itself attempted unsuccessfully to have his name removed from the UN no-fly list but now use it as justification for breaking their promise to provide him with the documentation he needs to fly home. This after saying he could only get that documentation if he had a plane ticket - along with a threat of criminal charges against anyone who actually provided him with said ticket. After hundreds of ordinary Canadians defied those threats and raised the funds necessary to buy Abdelrazik a ticket home, the written promise was broken and the goal posts shifted again.

This should be front page news in every paper and the lead item every night on the news. If the Canadian government can so utterly betray this Canadian citizen they can do it to anyone, even you.

Though you are probably safe if you have white skin and don't belong to a religion that the Conservatives disapprove of. There can be little doubt anymore, that the real reason for this farrago of lies, broken promises and shifting justifications is simple racism.

Here's one of the many places where you can find the contact information for your MP. Be polite but make it clear that you are angry, and write, call and visit their constituency office repeatedly.

This can not, must not be allowed to stand.


a old one said...

Canadians beware if you have problems working or holidaying overseas. If you have problems there is a no help from this goverment.

Alison said...

Their excuse that the hold-up is because he's on a "UN no-fly list" is bullshit too.

G&M July 24, 2008:
"Senior Canadian intelligence officials warned against allowing Abousfian Abdelrazik, a Canadian citizen, to return home from Sudan because it could upset the Bush administration, classified documents reveal.

"Senior government of Canada officials should be mindful of the potential reaction of our U.S. counterparts to Abdelrazik's return to Canada as he is on the U.S. no-fly list," intelligence officials say in documents in the possession of The Globe and Mail.

"Continued co-operation between Canada and the U.S. in the matters of security is essential. We will need to continue to work closely on issues related to the Security of North America, including the case of Mr. Abdelrazik," the document says.

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