Monday, April 20, 2009

Bush and Clinton in Toronto

To John Ibbitson, it's just another opportunity to express utter contempt for the idea that people who commit war crimes should be held accountable for doing so.

So Mr. Clinton was impeached for abasing his office after lying about an affair with an intern.

And the wild-eyed are still trying to get Mr. Bush and his vice-president, Dick Cheney, tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity for their handling of the war on terror.

The meter doesn't exist to measure the time and energy that has been wasted on all of this.

Oh yeah, those are absolutely applicable correspondences you elite fellating, living example that Canada can produce clueless beltway insiders too.

Do you think Ibbitson understands that this stuff has been proven? People tortured to the point of madness, long after anyone thought they had anything useful to disclose. People threatened with the rape and murder of their loved ones, repeatedly brought to the point of agonized death by drowning hundreds of times over the course of weeks.

People were tortured to death, like the innocent taxi driver dragged to Bagram Air Base, hung up by his wrists and savagely beaten with a stick until his leg was basically pulped bone hanging in loose skin and then left to die. By the same officer who was in charge of the interrogation of Canadian Omar Khadr. Bagram, which President Obama's administration argues should continue to be a Guantanamo Bay style legal black hole.

High officials and lawyers in the Bush administration presented written legal position memos stating that anything short of being tortured to death wasn't, in fact, torture. The response from the legal community left wing, right wing and neither has been an outpouring of contempt for legal pimping designed to work backwards from the White House committing the crimes it wanted to, to finding legal justifications for the crimes retroactively.

But John Ibbitson thinks anyone who argues that there should be legal sanctions for planning, justifying and committing crimes against humanity are tiresome time wasters.

This is why newspapers are sinking into the tar pits.

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