Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't mess with Canadian women

Ashley Wolfe, 5 ft 2 and a petitie 125 pounds was convicted for beating up British soldiers in a bar brawl in Hungary.

BUDAPEST — Canadian Ashley Wolfe said Thursday she's proud of her performance in a bloody melee with burly British soldiers and insists she's a victim who shouldn't have been convicted last week on assault charges.
Wolfe, a 24-year-old who stands only five-foot-three and weighs 125 pounds, has been dubbed "Glambo" by British newspapers feasting on the story of a beautiful, petite young Canadian who punched out members of Britain's oldest army regiment while clad in a sexy red dress

Update: Montreal Simon is concerned that the popularity of the Ashley Wolfe story constitutes lionizing homophobia and gay bashing. As I responded at his post I don't think a crowd of drunken rowdy soldiers is the first image that comes to most people's mind when they think of the victims of a hate crime.

To be clear, the appeal of the story to me is based on the interpretation that Ashley Wolfe was the victim of bullying and harassment and not the perpetrator and is an example of someone standing up to overwhelming odds to defend herself.

If in fact Ashley Wolfe, 5'2 125 pound Ashley Wood, is a homophobic abuser attacking the blameless crowd of soldiers for 'acting gay' then she most certainly deserved to be convicted.

If in fact she was struck first as she claimed and defended herself by fighting off the pack of violent thugs who were attacking her and her 56 year old husband (swarmed by fit young men, one of whom bit his nose off), then I really don't feel bad about enjoying the thought of her turning the tables on them.

UPDATE: Wolfe denies homophobia.


rww said...

For a completely different take on this story from a truly progressive blogger see:

Cliff said...

My understanding of the story was that they'd been harassing her and her husband. If that's not the case it's a different story.

rww said...

One can only assume the court was presented with a fuller story than the media has presented and we know how it ruled.

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