Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What he actually said

“The only way there is going to be an election is if Mr. Harper provokes one” by calling it himself or refusing to make any concessions in Parliament whatsoever" Thomas Mulcair
For all those apparent political naifs currently hyperventilating over this ( 'Wither the NDP voter'? Really? ), why not taking what the nice politician is saying and parsing it as, oh I don't know, political rhetoric from someone who is actually familiar with what Stephen Harper is really like?

Translation: "The only way there is going to be an election will be when Mr Harper provokes one when he calls it himself or when he refuses to make any concessions to Parliament whatsoever - so the election happening so soon after the last one will be Harper's fault because he can't cooperate with any other party for the good of the country."

Liberals, is this really a message you object to?

So sure, if Harper agrees to a wide slate of NDP policies, public ownership, pro labour legislation, expanded human rights protection, a strongly beefed up public healthcare system and social safety net in general... and sure you'll see a Conservative/NDP coalition. A lot of that is stuff we probably can't get in a coalition the mutant center right thing the Liberals have become much less the Conservatives.

So any whining with a rational basis in verifiable reality?

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Alison said...

Mulcair's comment that this will all proceed on a "case by case basis" is really just a description of how parliament actually works.
That said, I would have preferred to hear something a little more rousing from him.

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