Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Talk about mixed feelings...

The Alberta PCs were humiliated in the Calgary-Glenmore byelection, coming in a distant third after the Liberal candidate in second place by only a few hundred votes to the winner Paul Hinman, leader of Alberta's Monster Raving Loony Wildrose Alliance Party.

On the one hand, great, somebody even more right wing in the Alberta Legislature, that's just what we needed.

On the other hand, when Canada's right wing was split federally between the PCs and the Conservative Reform Alliance Party (Most accurate acronym ever.) it led to Canada's right wing wandering in the political wilderness for more than a decade.

Interesting times in Alberta politics, where the trend of massive political change every thirty or forty years may be about to strike again.


janfromthebruce said...

wow - will sure be interesting in the legislature.

The Rational Number said...

As a liberal I congratulate the WRA on their success.

Hey, if people aren't happy with the middle-of-the-road Alberta PCs (or federal Conservatives) and want a party further to the right, I'm all for it.

I don't think either of those parties represent the interests of fiscal conservatives, or even social conservatives, very well.

If I were American, I'd support Sarah Palin for 2012 (I'd love to see her on a ticket with Glenn Beck).

Ian said...

The scary thing though is the combined progressive vote was still not enough to beat the split neoCon vote. More than that though, the Liberals vote didn't actually move while the NDP vote collapsed, so there are potentially less people willing to vote for more left parties in Alberta than before.

Cliff said...

In Calgary Glenmore at least, in the protest vote safety of a byelection, hardly representative of Alberta as a whole in any potential general election.

Patrick Ross said...

Remember that the Alberta Alliance and Wildrose party used to be two separate parties.

Alberta used to have three parties splitting the conservative vote with little difference.

The Wildrose Alliance has a ways to go before they're a threat.

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