Friday, October 01, 2010

Barbara Kay clutches her Pearls

Memo to Barbara Kay:  Your distaste for the sex trade and your fretting that changing the laws detracts from treating those in it like the cheap little sluts that they are is insufficient reason to leave them to the tender mercies of the Picktons of the world - which is what the status quo amounts to.
Being a prostitute is a shameful, indecent activity, and any sex worker who demands respect as a matter of course is fooling herself. She is not respectable. Politically correct people will say she is, but she isn’t. The danger will continue, the pimps will still control the desperate girls and society as a whole will think less of itself. And all because nobody really takes a good look at the word “harm” and asks themselves what a healthy society looks like, and what kind of newly designated “normal” behaviours, stamped kosher by the courts, bring harm to that healthy body.
So Babs isn't planning on getting a happy ending massage any time soon, we get it.  Can I say that I'm very, very glad that its the Charter of Rights and Freedoms not Barbara Kay's idea of 'what a healthy society looks like' that is the law of the land?

UPDATE: Only fair to point out that while the National Post published the most bone stupid reactions to the court ruling, with a lot of ignoble competition from the Globe and Mail (New slogan: Pretty and dumb), they also printed one of the best pieces. Dan Gardner wonders how politicians and the media utterly refuse to even address that the laws struck down directly cause the brutalization and murder of women.

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