Saturday, October 02, 2010

Moderate Muslim leader banned by government for something another Muslim said

But Defence Minister Peter MacKay has cancelled the imam’s planned appearance after learning of it Friday. His office issued a statement saying the Canadian Islamic Congress has a record of fomenting hatred and has no place at an event honouring Muslim contributions to this country.
Mr. Delic has previously been cited for efforts to help Muslims integrate into Canadian society. He was one of 13 Canadians included in a 2009 book, The 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World, penned by Islamic studies scholars at Georgetown University. One of the book’s editors called Mr. Delic “a scholar who writes about how Muslims can integrate into Canadian society.”
Mr. MacKay’s office cited incendiary comments that were made in 2004 by a then-president of the Canadian Islamic Congress as the reason for its decision.
So extending the logic of the government's decision here, this means the Conservative Party remains responsible and culpable for everything ever said by any leader of the Conservative Party or its precursors the Reform Party and the Alliance Party?

Are they sure this is a principle they really want to establish?

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