Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Today's Cognitive Dissonance Moment

Prostitution, while a permanent, ineradicable and arguably even necessary accessory to communal life, is an ignoble line of work and inherently unworthy of social respect. Legalization won’t change that. -Barbara Kay
Barbara Kay insists that the dirty little whores must continue to be treated like dirty little whores by the law, even if prostitution is  'a permanent, ineradicable and arguably even necessary accessory to communal life' and even if the laws struck down have been found to seriously endanger the health, safety and lives of the people engaging in this 'permanent, ineradicable and arguably even necessary accessory to communal life'

She's also very concerned that she will soon no longer be allowed to look down her nose at the dirty little whores.
Speaking of consequences, I’m taking the opportunity to call prostitution a dehumanizing and morally degraded behaviour now, because I think my right to do so won’t long continue. Since activists are already using the vocabulary of other “rights” and “equality” battles, I predict we’ll soon have to watch our judgmental language on this front. Once prostitution has been legally/morally airbrushed by the SCC, it will be deemed “offensive,” “excluding” and “intolerant” to hurt the feelings of prostitutes. Don’t be surprised if the next time you call a whore a whore, you’re hauled up before a Human Rights Commission for prostitutophobia.
Yes Barbara, your right to spit contempt at those you disapprove of is far more important than their right to not have the law endanger their lives while they are engaging in a legal activity.

Barbara Kay clutches her pearls and

Before and After

UPDATE: Susan Clairmont show's us how to write a non-hysterical, well reasoned piece based on the realities of the many ways the status quo of prostitution laws contribute to the brutalization and murder of sex trade workers.  But its Barbara Kay, whose primary contribution to the debate is 'Whores are icky!' who has the national column.

UPDATE: Legal or not, prostitution continues, but an Australian study shows that decriminalization does increase safety for sex workers.


Marissa said...

These people claim that prostitution is dehumanizing and degrading - which I think most people agree is often the case - but then their solution is... to further degrade and dehumanize prostitutes.

Cliff said...

They absolutely refuse to engage with the Judge's carefully reasoned and justified finding that the overturned laws directly lead to harm, abuse and death.

Much as she'd like to, Barbara Kay and her ilk can never admit what they really believe; that the lives of these women are less important than the cosmetic expression of social disapproval that the laws provide.

It's like the homophobes who argue that gays are promiscuous and immoral - but also oppose their right to commit to one other person for the rest of their life - or 'pro-lifers' who are opposed to abortion and birth control.

They insist we respect their morality, but I have no use for those opposed to rain and umbrellas.

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