Friday, November 26, 2010

Alberta's Tories: The Vindictive Retribution Party

Raj Sherman accuses Alberta's Premier of trying to get Sherman's medical license pulled in retribution for criticizing the government.  If true it means the response of Alberta's governing Tories to a wait time crisis in Alberta Emergency Rooms - is to first get rid of the only Emergency Room physician in their caucus and then try to reduce the number of Emergency room doctors by one.

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach has been accused of trying to take away the medical licence of a former member of his caucus, a physician who was given the boot this week after criticizing the state of health care in the province.

The accusation by Edmonton representative Raj Sherman — quickly denied Friday by the premier's office — ratchets up the rhetoric in an increasingly nasty health-care debate that's already seen heads roll in the province.

Sherman was suspended indefinitely from the caucus of the ruling Progressive Conservatives on Monday after he assailed the premier, cabinet and Alberta Health Services over their handling of health care.

Speaking on a radio show Friday, Sherman, who now sits as an independent member of the legislature, alleged some Tory caucus members have questioned his mental stability.

He noted he received a call Thursday from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta telling him someone had phoned the organization and suggested his mental ability to function as a doctor has been compromised.

Sherman said his medical licence could be taken away if he doesn't submit to a mental assessment.

Sherman, elected in March 2008, still works part-time as emergency care doctor in Edmonton.

Sherman then launched into accusations against the premier, Children and Youth Services Minister Yvonne Fritz and Tory caucus whip Robin Campbell.

"I was told that the premier is going after my medical licence," Sherman said on the radio.

"Now I'm going to break caucus confidentiality here. That's exactly what the premier said on the day they decided to throw me out."

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