Friday, November 12, 2010

Will George Soros end up owning Fox News?

As Ezra Levant and Sun Media learned to their regret, George Soros and his lawyers DO NOT stand idly by while deeply irresponsible media figures and outlets tell despicable and horrific antisemitic lies about him.  Are Glenn Beck and Fox News about to learn the same painful lesson?
George Soros survived the Holocaust. He is Jewish and when the Nazis caught up with his family his father saved his life by bribing an agricultural official to pretend Soros was his Christian godson. At one point, that man took the fourteen year old Soros to survey and appraise the property that had been confiscated from another Jewish family. Obviously Soros did not have a choice in the matter. Soros eventually survived the Holocaust.

To most this would be an amazing and harrowing story of survival during the Holocaust. To Beck it was an opportunity to paint Soros as an anti-Semite and smear him with one of the worst lies I have ever heard.

First Beck started by horribly warping this story on his Fox News show. He said of Soros:

[When he was] 14 years old, he had to help the government confiscate the land of his fellow Jewish friends and neighbors.
That's not what happened at all as you can see from above. He didn't help confiscate people's land. He didn't actively participate in betraying his Jewish neighbors or friends. The implications are horrible. But what Beck did next is much worse. He twisted the story further until he came out with this inexcusable lie on his radio show:

[H]ere's a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps.
That lie takes my breath away. That is a lie that cannot be told.

The ADL has now condemned Beck's statements as "horrific."

Michelle Goldberg has a terrific article in The Daily Beast explaining how Beck's two part series on Fox News Channel about George Soros was classic anti-Semitism. He even named the series "Puppet Master." Nazi propaganda used to call Jews the "wire pullers."
Cenk Uygur goes on to say that Beck has finally crossed a line with a horrific lie that should end his career permanently.   Fox employees should be resigning en masse in protest and guests cancelling appearences if Fox does not firmly and immediately repudiate this despicable racist lie- unambiguously reminiscent of Nazi propaganda - by ending Beck's show.

Godwin's law doesn't apply if the lie told comes right out of Joseph Goebbels's playbook


kirbycairo said...

So what will Soros do next??

Cliff said...

I hope slap Rupert Murdoch with the kind of defamation lawsuit that makes even billionaires wake up screaming in a cold sweat.

Oemissions said...

this story of Soros as a boy reminds me of Omar Khadr

Cliff said...

Hmmm... that's kind of an odd comparison. I'm going to give you the benefit of doubt here that you aren't suggesting that Soros was forced into criminal acts by his family... This was a young boy hiding in plain sight from death squads essentially, I'm not really sure where your analogy is.

Oemissions said...

innocence and

Cliff said...

Ok got it. The only difference being that Omar's innocence is by virtue of being a child soldier under irresistible influence by his family who DID join the Taliban and it seems likely did do at least some of the things he's accused of like planting road-side bombs (although the grenade throw seems unlikely) while Soros did absolutely nothing illegal or immoral.

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