Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Don't call me Shirley."

Veteran comedian and actor Leslie Nielsen has died in a Florida hospital, his family confirmed to Global News on Sunday evening. The Canadian actor was 84.
Nielsen rose to fame with roles in the Airplane and Naked Gun film franchises. He had apparently been suffering from pneumonia for more than a week.
He parlayed a square jawed earnestness twice, first playing it straight in straightforward heroic roles like the courageous star-ship captain in SF classic Forbidden Planet, in a role that clearly inspired Gene Roddenberry when he was creating Star Trek and Captain Kirk.

Then, years later, he got a second act, still playing it straight and heroically square jawed but this time as a straight up lampoon of the B-Movie heroes he had played before in classics like Airplane and the Naked Gun series.

Leslie Neilsen RIP.

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