Monday, January 10, 2011

An Inevitable Outcome

Saskatchewan's right wing government is given the legal judgment anybody with basic reading comprehension skills and a copy of the Charter could have predicted:
The Saskatchewan government says it will not appeal a court ruling that says marriage commissioners cannot refuse to wed same-sex couples on religious grounds.

The province had asked the Appeal Court to rule on proposed legislation that would have allow commissioners to cite their religion in saying “no” to gays and lesbians.

The court said the law would be unconstitutional and would amount to discrimination against same-sex couples.
Justice Minister Don Morgan says the government will take some time to review the decision so it can decide how to proceed.

But Justice Morgan adds that the Appeal Court's analysis was thorough and he will not recommend that the government appeal.
At least one marriage commissioner who was an intervener in the case says he may give up his role over the ruling.
Any number of people, including yours truly, warned them that this ruling, that government licensed marriage commissioners cannot discriminate based on their own bigotry, was inevitable.  The right wing Saskatchewan Party government chose to waste hundreds of thousands of Saskatchewan tax-payer's dollars on a legal battle they knew they would lose in order to pander to the most intolerant and bigoted core of their base.

The people of Saskatchewan should be asking why their money was knowingly wasted on this hateful nonsense.

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