Sunday, January 02, 2011

Off the Leash

The downside for duplicitous politicians like Premier Ed Stelmach to pinning his own budgetary crimes on a convenient scape-goat like former AHS Head Stephen Duckett, is that once he's cut loose he can, cut loose.
In a farewell speech to senior medical leaders this month, ousted health super-board boss Stephen Duckett accused politicians of being short-sighted and the provincial government of stoking ER woes by neglecting investment in seniors care.
Duckett has not spoken publicly about his Nov. 24 departure from the helm of Alberta Health Services, a government-created organization responsible for delivering medical care. However, in his speech, delivered in Edmonton to top-level AHS officials 12 days after his dismissal, Duckett was sharply critical of the province, former health regions and the media.
He noted Alberta spends more money per capita on health than other provinces, but gets less.
Duckett also condemned how that money has been spent, saying Alberta has overemphasized investment on acute care at the expense of ailing seniors.
"Is it any wonder that our acute facilities had to become de facto seniors housing, contributing to the systemic problems that have created the problems in emergency care?" Duckett stated in a copy of his Dec. 6 speech, obtained by the Herald.

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