Friday, January 14, 2011


Just a quick note that this blog may be a little sparse in the near future - the comics and pop culture news site Newsarama had or still has a search redirect trojan on their main page or their adserver.  Search 'Newsarama, virus' for details.  The virus was nasty and undetectable by all my various anti virus and anti-malware software.  I fought a holding action against it for the last few weeks and finally Malware Bytes did an update that detected and killed it - but since it had replaced an essential system file ms.dll the result was a dead computer.

So I'm using my girlfriend's machine but I don't want to monopolize it.  Therefore expect a slightly diminished output until I get a new machine - probably in the next week or so.

The first thing  I'll be doing on the new machine is adding the NoRedirect and NoScript addons to Firefox - two useful security features I wish I'd had all along that I strongly recommend you all add to your own browsers.

Carry on.

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