Saturday, April 06, 2013

The leeches at the top bleeding us dry

So private interests take over gigantic communications infrastructures built by the sweat and millions of the Canadian public for pennies on the dollar.  They then reduce quality of service to the bare minimum they can get away with, eliminate thousands of well paying jobs reducing the anemic Canadian middle class even further while exporting those jobs out of Canada to third world sweat shops and taking away all the rights and job security of those few employees left that they can. 

For this their soulless, piggy eyed CEO is feted as a corporate genius and paid 11 million a year.

Welcome to Canada.


thwap said...

Is there a concise and comprehensive source that tells that story about Canada's telecom gougers?

Cliff said...

There should be I will keep an eye out.

In a way the story of Telecom unions being broken is the story of the neoliberal attack on unions and the concept of the middleclass in general.

Here's a good piece about that - PDF souce.

thwap said...

Thanks Cliff.

I'm pretty sure that Canadians are being unnecessarily gouged on this and other things (financial services for one).

But if some Telecom shill provided a study that showed how Canada's difficult geography and low population density necessitated a few cents more per whatever, blah, blah, blah, ... I wouldn't be able to respond.

Cliff said...

To me the argument goes back to why privatization at all? Sasktel is still public and still providing all the services people in provinces with privatized service - in fact they were providing high-peed internet TV services through the phone lines as a mature consumer project while private companies like Telus were still talking about how great they were going to be.

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