Thursday, April 25, 2013

Whining Corporate Welfare Bums

Quebecor, the owners of Sun News also own Videotron, a cable company serving almost two million subscribers in Quebec and Ontario.  They are before the CRTC right now demanding that Canadians subsidize their Sun News operation by being forced to have it added to all cable packages with an accompanying increase in cable bills.  They claim this is necessary because they aren't seen in enough households and they need this forced government subsidy to survive.

When asked why they don't automatically add Sun News to their own Videotron cable network with prominent channel placement as they have every right to do and are NOT doing now they had no answer.

Why should the Canadian people be forced to provide corporate welfare to a private TV channel that their own owner won't support and promote?


Lorne said...

Perhaps more to the point, why should Canadians have to subsidize the racist rants ( and right-wing propaganda regularly spewed by Sun TV?

Purple library guy said...

Oh, that's hilarious. It just adds pathetic to indefensible.

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