Thursday, March 29, 2007

Canada's answer to Ann Coulter

Rachel Marsden, former Gurmant Grewal aide under a false name and infamous serial stalker who Peter Worthington once described as "good looking ... articulate ... but nine miles of bad road." has turned up on Fox News Late Night where they seem to be grooming her to become Coulterbot 2.0.
"Maybe [Pakistani cricket fans] should focus less on cricket and a little more on hygiene," opined Rachel Marsden on a recent episode of Fox News' middle-of-the-night talk oddity "Red Eye." Marsden was adding her two cents to a discussion of murdered Pakistani cricket coach Bob Woolmer, and seemed unaware that she had said anything offensive. But her co-hosts, Greg Gutfeld and Bill Schulz, looked appropriately aghast; Gutfeld was quick to assure viewers that "Red Eye," the Fox-for-frat-boys show he's been hosting with gross-out gusto since Feb. 6, did not endorse Marsden's views on Pakistani hygiene.
She's also making comments about cases of false rape allegations and legal consequences for predatory slander. No conflict there...

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BlueBerry Pick'n said...

what would I do with out you?

Crazy Right Wing Canadian goes bugfuck?... priceless ... just crazy enough to let HappyWanderer Canadians realize that even Canadians can be bugfuck Hannitized

I can't believe I missed this gem...

Thank you!!

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