Friday, March 02, 2007

Liberal Scumbags

Usually they wait until after we've voted for them before they screw us.

UPDATE: Erin Weir at Relentlessly Progressive Economics points out that essential services are already guaranteed by the Federal Labour Board making Dion's justification merely an excuse to claim he supports the idea in principal.


janfromthebruce said...

I am really progressive, I mean I really am - not! Just another liberal trying to talk like a NDP!

Cliff said...

In response to a comment at Progressive Bloggers:

Yes I think Harper is a scumbag too - but at least he never pretended to be a progressive.

As to the point: 'there is also the problem of having your entire police force walking off the job'
No, there really isn't.

First, police except for the RCMP are provincially regulated, and this law would have covered only federally regulated industries. Second, once again, the Industrial Relations Board has multiple means of ensuring essential services - it's part of their mandate. They can issue back to work orders, demand rolling essential services provisioning and even order binding arbitration.

Dion's excuse for screwing labour is just that, an excuse.

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