Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stockwell Day Cash for Riding Scandal Returns

Liberal MP Mark Holland said documents the party discovered last week raise new questions about whether Day's office negotiated payment to a sitting MP in exchange for his stepping aside in a B.C. riding, something prohibited in the Criminal Code.

The RCMP made some initial inquiries into the issue six years ago but said then that it would not launch a full investigation.

The force said Thursday it had received the documents and is reviewing the matter.

Holland says he believes the RCMP would not have seen the documents in question, which were found among old files in the opposition leader's office.

Thought A: The Liberals have been sitting on this document for a while waiting for a special occasion, and yesterday Harper called Dion a Taliban sympathizer. 'Fuck me? No, Fuck you.'

Thought B: What kind of learning difficulties do you need to have to leave a 'yes I did it' document in an office that you know will be taken over by your bitterest political enemies?

Hat-tip to my friend Ian who puts this in the maybe something, maybe nothing category. Accurately I think.


leftdog said...

Some of us are quite used to ILLEGAL activites by Conservatives.

I live in Saskatchewan where 16 Conervative Members of the Legislative Assembly were convicted of fraud and breach of trust.

So when I hear of criminal activites by right wing politicians, I am NEVER surprised.

If there is sufficient evidence, he should go to trial. If he is guilty , he should lose his seat and go to jail.

janfromthebruce said...

Lit a bit of a fire in the comment section of the g & m today, just to spice things up a bit. perhaps you want to link to the pdf file:
And this the link to the comment secion of the g & m article: Day under fire in nomination controversy:
Day should really consider stepping down while his own department investigates him. It's websuit time.

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