Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One hit and one miss

Which is better than some professional pundits.

On Christmas Eve I predicted that John McCain would end up on top in the Republican primaries and that's looking like an increasingly safe bet. I had joined everyone else in writing him off last summer, but the dismal field of choices offered to Republican primary voters acted to focus their attention. Only Romney presents any challenge to McCain now and Huckabee is seemingly just waiting for the best moment to sink him by throwing in with McCain.

On the Democrat side, I underestimated how openly and completely the corporate media would act to knee-cap the most anti-corporatist candidate, obvious in retrospect. Edwards never got the attention his support deserved and ultimately, despite being the most progressive candidate other than Kucinich he couldn't surmount a carefully nurtured Hillary VS Obama narrative.

Hopefully he has enough support to influence policy at the convention, maybe even enough to play kingmaker. If Edwards throws in with Obama - far more likely than Clinton getting his support - it might be enough combined with the Kennedy endorsements to surmount the lock Clinton has on the party establishment and the super delegates.

But don't count on it - expect to be swallowing your misgivings and pulling for Clinton to beat McCain in the general.

'I fights to the finish 'cause I eats my spinich!'

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