Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Linkblast - January 20

  • The truth was inconvenient and unpalatable
    So we'll go back to pretending our allies don't torture prisoners.

  • Uniting the far right
    Two wingnut fringe parties merge in Alberta, they won't win power as Alberta's cities get more and more urbane, but they might be enough to decisively split the rural right wing vote and hurt the PCs.

  • US economy teetering
    And our fiscal health is inextricably tied to theirs.

  • The Science Fiction Conspiracy
    In 1944 the US government was horrified to read a detailed description of the intricacies of the secret Manhattan Project to create an atom bomb - in a science fiction magazine. This is the story of the investigation into the SF conspiracy and here's part 2.

  • And a real conspiracy
    Is the FBI covering up a high level plot to sell nuclear secrets?

  • The only option
    Only deeply unserious people believe there's any choice in Iraq but keeping US troops there forever.

  • The CRTC's apparent role
    To retroactively legitimize unacceptable media concentration levels.

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