Monday, January 14, 2008

Unite this

Shorter Jason Cherniak: 'The increasing support for the NDP in traditional Liberal strongholds and the increasing liklihood of even more years in the political wilderness is starting to really scare the piss out of me, so I will hold my nose, make a half-hearted attempt to restrain my usual reflexive contempt for anyone who disagrees with me and call for the left to be united.'

Even Shorter Jason Cherniak: 'Sustained flatulent sound'


dirk buchholz said...

My thought exactly Cliff great post.The arrogance and self importance of Cherniak is quit laughable.
I had to laugh when I read his post especially the part where the NDP is on its last legs.

The Jurist said...

Good stuff. Though I found the more hilarious part of Cherniak's post to be:

"(W)e need to ask NDP voters to unite behind the Liberal Party, if only this one time, to save progressive Canada..."

In other words, we were just kidding in 2006. And 2004. And 2000. But this time, we really mean it.

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