Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Whatever else...

...we can all come together from the left and right, and agree that it is a very, very good thing that Giuliani's run for the presidency has now come to an end.

He was sustained for longer than he deserved by Fox News who are going to have a very bad year, and its good to see that even with media support no one could afford to buy, a toxic, vengeance crazed little jumped up authoritarian who looks and acts like a comic book mad scientist can still lose in the modern Republican Party.

Romney's done too. Huckabee will be throwing his support to McCain soon, he may even have dreams of the vice presidency floating in his head - when he was clearly born to head up the department of petty graft and inappropriate office proselytizing.

The Republican candidates are apparently united in a shared loathing for the Mormon ex-governor who has principals you can like - and if you don't like those principals, he has others. It isn't actually hard to imagine the other candidates meeting together and deciding on an anybody but Mitt pact if things came down to the wire.

McCain, of the entire Republican lineup has the best shot of even attempting to reduce the Democrat tidal wave bearing down on the Republican Party. He has significant advantages, like the fact that the elite figures of the American media would happily line up on camera to blow him given the opportunity. Watch a video of a Chris Matthews interview with McCain some time, sexual tension you could cut with a knife.

And of course the Republicans have their long time standby secret weapon the Democrats.
'But how could we possibly screw it up this time?' they bleat. 'Bush has had lower support for longer in the polls than almost any other President (And George? You're no Harry Truman.) the American people hate the war and are scared and angry about the economy and are going to get more and more scared and angry about it for a year and then go into a voting booth. We've got more money to spend, better poll numbers than we've seen in a generation more volunteers joining campaigns. Blacks, Latinos, young people, women - they're all overwhelmingly supporting Democrats and they're all highly motivated to vote in November.'

'Given all that, how could we possibly screw it up this time?'
To which we can only reply: 'We don't know, but you're probably going to, that's what makes it so hard to watch!'

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