Saturday, February 02, 2008

One Last Revenge

The New York Times were mostly just dancing on his political grave when they published their piece on Rudy Giulliani's obsession with petty revenge. Nothing could have made his nomination run more definitively doomed by January 22.

But now, a little more than a week later, Attorney General Michael Mukasey, a huge booster of Giuliani's presidential run, has heated up an eighteen month investigation by subpoenaing New York Time's reporter Jim Risen for the identity of his source on the Bush Administration's illegal wiretapping.

This is about the neocons striking back at the journalists they blame for the death of their dreams, it's about the FISA bill and the White House frustration and spite - it has Cheney's stink all over it - but it also feels like part of the classic networked Giuliani style death from above revenge.

Did the small man in search of a balcony manage one last stab to the kidneys of his tormentors?

And will the New York Times keep on their columnist page, a writer who pushed for journalists on the paper to be charged with treason? It seems very much like a big 'Fuck you!' from the paper's management to their reporters.

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