Monday, February 18, 2008


The warmongers need a bunch of scruffy religious fanatics hiding in caves to be an existential threat to all that is decent and good. They really, really need it.
There is nothing more psychologically invigorating than the belief that you are staring down the Greatest and Most Evil Enemy Ever in History, courageously waging glorious war for all that is Good and Just in the world. Nothing produces more pulsating feelings of excitement and nobility like convincing yourself that you are a Warrior defending Western Civilization from the greatest threat it has ever faced, following in -- even surpassing -- the mighty footsteps of the Greatest Generation and the Warrior-Crusaders who came before them.

For those who crave and glorify (though in their lives completely lack) acts of warrior courage, play-acting the role of the intrepid Warrior is uniquely satisfying. That's why nothing can fill the bottomless spare time of bored, aimless adolescents like sitting in front of a computer commanding vast armies and destructive military weapons, deployed against cunning, scary and evil enemies. That's why the Mark Steyns of every generation create such Enemies, because they are purposeless and aimless without them.


Alison said...

Brilliant poster, Cliff. Is it your work? Perhaps you'll let me borrow it sometime if I give you credit.

Cliff said...

Not mine. It's from Feel free, they have some great ones.

Cliff said...

And here's a source for hundreds more.

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