Friday, February 29, 2008


Warren Ellis, along with being a very talented and funny writer is someone who's been more wired for longer than almost anybody else. He's been blogging before there was a word for it and running an email list that goes out to thousands of people, he's administered several message boards. He's got at least a presence on virtually every social networking and sharing interface on the web: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Second name it and at the very least he's got a foothold and probably an active hub.

In quick succession within days of his fortieth birthday, his email list exploded and his computer died completely. He's been reduced to making updates to his blog from his phone.

And he's getting a little peculiar.
Haven´t even heard from the computer shop today. I suspect my computer lays in a shallow grave in their back garden, like a dead rabbit. This serves only as a reminder to all that I remain offline and desktopless, and am posting this via email from a phone.
I am also rather concerned about the sudden urge, half an hour ago, to alphabetise my cd collection. If I don’t get my computer back soon, I will clearly be found constructing rows of tiny houses out of toenail clippings, earwax and scrote-hair in the very near future.
I just thought of names for the houses. I must go now.
Sudden traumatic withdrawal isn't funny. Extremely talented people writing about it can be.

Say a prayer for Warren's technology folks - at the very least so he can get back to writing Doktor Sleepless.

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