Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dry spell in a wet city

It's been a while since I went a week between posts. Busy week at work and more distracted and occasionally horrified by the news events than inspired to write about them.

Since I last dipped into US Presidential politics Hillary Clinton decided that just implying that she should be the candidate because her loyal redneck supporters couldn't vote for a coloured fella' wasn't, in fact, as low as she could go, and the real reason she should stay in the race is because you never know, someone could shoot the guy.

I'm inclined to agree with those who say absolutely she shouldn't drop out until she wants to, however the super delegates should get off their asses and stop waiting for the best time to make their choice known to get themselves the most influence and power and pick a candidate now. Fortunately there are indications that is happening.

Here in Canada, the fallout from the scandal of Harper's chief of staff inserting himself into the American primaries has led to a shakeup in Harper's office. The Conservatives hope that his replacement Guy Giorno will bring some of that Mike Harris magic to federal politics. Wasn't Mike Harris voted out in the aftermath of a murdered native protester and children poisoned by sewage infested water?

Actually, he'll probably fit in perfectly.

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