Thursday, May 01, 2008

Taliban Steve

So the Canadian military under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is now negotiating directly with the Taliban.
KHENJAKAK, AFGHANISTAN -- Canadian troops are reaching out to the Taliban for the first time, military and diplomatic officials say, as Canada softens its ban on speaking with the insurgents. After years of rejecting any contact with the insurgents, Canadian officials say those involved with the mission are now rethinking the policy in hopes of helping peace efforts led by the Afghan government.
Doubtless the pearl clutching vapors from the Canadian right wing blogosphere will be commencing immediately. Frothing accusations of terrorist appeasement? Denunciations of Harper's clear contempt for women's rights that this new policy demonstrates?

At least a Neville Chamberlain comparison or two?

Any time now right?


Ryan said...


Did you receive an email I sent to you regarding the Mel Hurtig event in Calgary on May 21?

Cliff said...

Yes thank you - very busy lately but I will respond.

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