Saturday, May 10, 2008

McCain's Moonies

The controversial pronouncements of Reverend Jeremiah Wright are nothing compared to those of the right wing evangelicals McCain has actively courted. McCain pastoral supporters have:
Said that 9/11 was caused by liberals;
Said that Hurricane Katrina was caused by gays and that the Catholic church is a “great whore”;
Said that the US was founded to destroy Islam;

And one of his top advisers was part of a bizarre ceremony in a federal government building surrounded by high ranking Republican legislators where Korean cult leader and far right sugar daddy Reverend Sun Moon declared Jesus a failure and had himself crowned the Emperor of America.
So what is clear from this email is that top Mccain advisor Charlie Black is admitting that he helped plan, and would have attended, an event where a convicted tax fraud would have been crowned King Of America and declared himself the Messiah--all on U.S. Government federal property (on March 23, 2004).

According to The New York Times:

"Mr. Moon, an eccentric billionaire, convicted tax cheat, conservative publisher and power broker, grandly donned scarlet robes and a golden crown at the Dirksen Office Building. ''I am God's ambassador, sent to earth with his full authority..."

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