Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Classic Concern Troll

Conservative Senator Hugh Segal is very indignant on behalf of all us poor New Democrats dragged into this coalition against our will. I'm so glad he's here to warn us against such a horrible mistake, more in sorrow than in anger.

But the New Democrats? They used to be different, even when their policy prescriptions were naive or unduly statist, their motives, purposes and integrity were clear.

Canada will suffer from the absence of a coherent left-centre party that always defends collective bargaining, social justice and a creative and humanizing role for the state. This will cost the quality of our national debate for decades to come. Surrendering that clarity to Liberal political appetites and Bloc manipulation is an act of political desertion and abdication of staggering proportions.

Card-carrying New Democrats across the country were not even given a vote on the matter by Jack Layton, Ed Broadbent or Thomas Mulcair. For a party with the NDP's traditions and heritage, that is truly remarkable.

What we really should have done of course, is stay on the sidelines remaining ideologically pure while Harper did his level best to murder the very concept of political opposition. Take a pragmatic, clear-eyed chance to make real progress on our issues? Hugh wants to save us from that.

We're not worthy of his selfless concern for our well-being.

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