Tuesday, December 02, 2008

They'd whip up a witch-hunt...

...but Canadians have never been much for the torch-wielding mob thing. Right wing politics don't really have that heady populist kick without some scapegoats to demonize. The 'enemies within' de jour are socialists and separatists.

Canadians have elected socialists to run almost every province in Canada at one point or another, usually successfully. This isn't as effective a pejorative outside the base as Conservatives seem to think.

As for Separatists, well isn't in our interest to engage Quebec in participating in Canada? The Bloc shows every sign of adapting to diminished support for independence in Quebec by downplaying separation and primarily becoming a Quebec First party - but hey we're currently being governed by an Alberta First party so what's your point?

Maybe the fact that the current governing party sees nothing wrong with dismissing or demonizing big chunks of the Canadian voting public with hateful, even eliminationist rhetoric is a clue as to why the Canadian public overwhelmingly voted against them? Why they are almost completely shut out of urban Canada?

The Conservatives have lost the confidence of parliament. They never had the confidence of Canadians.

UPDATE: The Toronto Star lays out the facts:

The Bloc would not have seats at the cabinet table and would not have a veto over government decisions.

The deal would require the Bloc to be consulted by the government. But consultation is, or should be, the norm in a minority Parliament. Indeed, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty boasts of having consulted the Bloc before producing last week's economic statement.

The Bloc has agreed to support the coalition on budget measures and other non-confidence votes because it favours the coalition's economic policies over the laissez-faire approach of the Conservatives. Duceppe made it clear on Monday that there is no quid pro quo for his party on its sovereignist agenda. That is why he is reserving the right to withdraw support from the coalition after 18 months.

Dion's anti-separatist credentials are impeccable. He has been the target of separatist attacks throughout his careers.

Harper himself played footsie with the Bloc back in 2004, when the Conservatives were in opposition and were trying to topple the Liberal government of the day.

The Conservatives are entitled to argue that the proposed coalition government is bad for the economy and bad for the country. But to suggest, as they have, that the coalition is a conspiracy to break up Canada is not just false. It is an insult to the intelligence of Canadians.

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Anonymous said...

The Conservatives have lost the confidence of parliament. They never had the confidence of Canadians.

He thinks it might take another 5,000 years for that to happen!

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