Friday, December 05, 2008

Coalition Government: It's a good life if you don't weaken

What Galloping Beaver said:
Grits, you have a good thing going with this coalition idea. Don't piss it away by being Liberals.
To be clear, I haven't seen a lot of faint hearts among Liberal bloggers but among MPs we have folks like Sgro and Karygiannis already starting to signal surrender and Ignatieff who thinks this is all just a feint to hold over Harper's head if he doesn't play nice.

Harper is counting on the Liberals falling apart before parliament returns. He'll spend the next two months dangling senate appointments and demonizing the opposition and he's counting on being able to throw enough goodies into the budget he drops when he gets back to split off enough Liberal MPs to maintain a grip on power.

If he gets a reprieve there will be another attempt to kneecap the opposition - Liberals, this isn't a guy who can be dealt with or accommodated or compromised with.

He wants you dead and he wants to be the one who kills you. Now more than ever.

UPDATE: Fucking John Manley


Lord Kitchener's Own said...

I think this is really gonna change the leadership race (maybe not the outcome, but the race).

Suddenly it seems to me that Rae is the "Fight for the coalition from coast to coast and take Harper down in 2009" candidate, and Iggy is the "The coalition was a nice idea, but it failed, so let's start building for the next election 2 years from now" candidate.

It's like the Leafs of 4 years ago. Blow it all up now and start rebuilding, or grab a couple of free agents and try to make a run for the Cup?

I suppose at least in part the question is whether one thinks the Liberals are in as bad shape today as the Leafs were in 2003-04.

Anonymous said...


Joe said...

If the Liberals fold, they are history. Layton will crush them in an election by pointing out they can't be counted on to stand up to Harper.

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