Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How many?

How many suicide bombers were born this week? How many children watched their whole family get blown to bloody shreds and now live only for the day they can put on an explosive vest?

How many moderate Palestinians became radicals? How many radicals became consumed with revenge over any other consideration?

How many observers worldwide went from guarded support for Israel's right to defend themselves to appalled disgust at any suggestion of equivalency between the damage a few rickety rockets can do and the mayhem that the 4th largest military in the world can commit on a gigantic outdoor prison?

In a pre-election effort to appear tougher than Netanyahu and the other maniacs of Likud, Barak and Livni have tried their best to show they can be as indiscriminately destructive and violent as the Israeli far right, by slaughtering hundreds.

How many more times will Israeli political considerations require mass murder?

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