Saturday, March 20, 2010

Almost unmockable

Ralph Klein, Alberta’s feather-ruffling former premier, will assume a different kind of throne – this time as the host of a television game show.

Mr. Klein will hit the airwaves this weekend on a show called On the Clock, which airs on Crossroads Television Systems across Alberta and Ontario and nationwide via satellite.

The format is simple.

Three Alberta “experts” — a Calgary city councillor, a columnist and a radio host — are asked public-policy-type questions, both light and heavy, such as how would you rewrite the national anthem? List the benefits of global warming.

Mr. Klein, who appears perched on a golden throne, then evaluates the candid responses and hands out “Ralph Bucks” based on what he thinks.
Special bonus points for mocking the disabled, thinking up ways to gut public health care, writing mash notes to vicious dictators, helping energy companies steal from the public purse and lying about public revenue projections.

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