Monday, March 01, 2010

Drink my Kool-aid or else!

Liberal blogger Eugene Forsey appears to have taken to hunching over his keyboard at two in the morning and pouring out vitriolic, border-line demented anti-NDP rants.

If you challenge his idiosyncratic interpretation of the facts or time lines, he proudly blocks your comments unless you agree with him.

His hobby horse, like most Liberals these days, is obsessing over the past. Some Lib bloggers, five years on, are still incensed with the self inflicted fall of the Paul Martin government. As Eugene still has one of those insipid 'Thanks Jack' sidebars, I guess he's one of them.

At the moment though he's fixated on three years ago and the bizarre contention that it's the NDP's fault we're still in Afghanistan. Point out that it was the Liberals who voted against an NDP motion calling for immediate beginning of the withdrawal process and subsequently voted to extend a mission they theoretically disagree with for two more years of bloodshed, and then later voted again to extend it another four years... and he will tell you that any further comments that disagree with him will be blocked.

Feel free to respond here Eugene, see I actually have confidence in the facts and my opinions so I don't need to ban people for disagreeing with me.


pogge said...

One image that has stayed with me from recent Canadian political history is that of Harper approaching Ignatieff in the House of Commons to shake his hand after Ignatieff led a number of Liberals in voting for an extension to the mission in Afghanistan. It really happened. In Canada.

CK said...

Liberals are not only necessary, it's our salvation.

Right now, we, as progressives are going to have to think of our priorities.

Mine is getting St-Stevie out permanently. Nothing scares me more than a Harpercon majority and Stevie and his evangelical Christians.

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