Saturday, March 27, 2010

Same Territory, Different Maps

Wow, do Eugene and I read this quote differently. Eugene surprised me by letting my comment through - but I feel the need to respond here too.Really? A leader who doesn't panic and toss away civil rights and the rule of law? A leader who even in a crisis wouldn't wipe away all our freedoms but would trust the system he was protecting?

And this is the difference:

Some of us read this and applaud conviction and faith in the strength of our liberties. The belief that we don't need to sacrifice freedom for security and those who are convinced we do are merely displaying how little faith they have in our way of life that they believe we must abandon it to protect it.

I hadn't seen that quote before. Thanks for reminding me why I'm proud to be a New Democrat Eugene.

Not the response you were hoping for I'm guessing.

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