Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fox News stops even pretending

A few weeks ago Roger Ailes, former Nixon staffer and current grand poobah of Fox News shocked observers by candidly admitting that the White House has legitimate complaints about Fox News behavior and treatment of them.

But any hopes that this recognition of blatant bias by the head of Fox News would lead to real fairness and balance were pretty unambiguously dashed in the last few weeks.

Glenn Beck continues to spew paranoia, sexual panic and eliminationism at anybody who has the cancerous, vermin ridden evil to believe in such Satanic concepts as progress, justice or peace. This, for anybody who's never watched him, is not exaggeration or hyperbole by the way. Glenn Beck believes ideas like social justice and progress are literally evil and uses rhetoric that skates just up to the line of blatantly calling for the extermination of people who believe in these things.

It would be interesting to compare his broadcasts with those by Hutu radio DJs in Rwanda in the early 90's.

Glenn Beck is so crazy there's even pushback within Fox News itself about having him on the air. A lot of people working at this blatantly propagandistic news distortion machine think Glenn Beck crosses the line. Roger Ailes on the other hand, fiercely defends Beck making it clear he has no objection to providing a venue for dangerous demagoguery.

Bill O'Reilly and other Fox talking heads recently claimed that the New England Journal of Medicine had done a survey of doctors and '46% were thinking of quitting the profession if Obama's health care reform passed'. With absolutely minimal research it was discovered that this so-called 'survey' was actually a quote from a professional medical recruitment firm's promotional material. The New England Journal of Medicine had nothing to do with it and saying they did was a blatant lie.

Finally watch and be awed at this Foxbot's response to a Democratic congressman's giddy response to a CBO report saying Obama's health reform package would reduce the deficit by trillions of dollars over the next two decades.

Fox News has decided to stop pretending and just blissfully roll around in the bias snuffling happily.

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