Monday, April 25, 2011

I will show you fear, in a shiny graphic.

The problem I have with this minimum/average/maximum seat calculator that's become so popular is that the way the graphic lines up it seems to imply that the min/avg/max numbers all match up with every other parties min/avg/max - encouraging people to jump to the conclusion that a maximum seat count for one party coincides with the maximum of the other. 

This interpretation has been used to bash the NDP for committing the horrific crime of appealing to Canadian voters.  Of course the Cons and Libs have been throwing everything they can think of at the NDP all weekend in the desperate hopes that something will stick.

Of course they don't mean that, just the opposite in fact.  One of these parties getting it's average polling result or its best case scenario means the other two don't.  The drilled down regional numbers still strongly indicate Harper isn't getting his majority.

Don't fall for the hype.  Vote for the candidate and party you believe in rather than fall for the same stale strategic voting prisoner's dilemma again.


Alison said...

EKOS - NDP - 100 seats!

Cons - 33.7,
NDP - 28,
Libs - 23.7,
Greens - 7.2,
Bloc - 6.2

janfromthebruce said...

vote for what you want rather than the same old, same old

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