Monday, April 25, 2011

Liberal, Tory, same old...?

This is emphatically not directed at progressives who have greeted the sudden, self-reinforcing rise of the NDP with shocked but welcoming surprise,  This isn't aimed at the people who've been pushing the strategic vote to save us from scary Stephen Harper and have publicly accepted that now means supporting the NDP in more places then they ever imagined.

This is directed to those who are Liberals because that's where the power is in their community.  The people who'd be open Harpercon style right-wingers if they had grown up in Alberta instead of Ontario.  There's been some grand mal hissy fit frothing tantrums over the NDP's meteoric rise, but few as over the top impossible to parody as this one.

Do I think most Liberals think like this?  No, just some of the loudest ones.

UPDATE: Grasping at straws edition.  It's all about the cane.


Alison said...

The Blunt Object is 20 years old - what would you expect?

It's all about the cane. Lol. Loved your comments there but a bit disappointed in you for giving away the mustache secret. I myself have been attempting to grow one for some time now.

Yesterday Kinsella did a similar Blunt Object - linked to a passage in David Taras' book concerning Lucien Bouchard's cane :
"Lawrence Martin has described the way Bouchard's cane, the cane he needed to support himself after he had been crippled by a rare disease called necrotizing fasciitis, had become part of his appeal .... With the cane as a sort of religious symbol, he limped to the microphone, so human compared to all the other stiff suits that played the game."

Cliff said...

I really shouldn't take such malicious glee baiting the Libs. They've had a helluva hard decade.

But there's just so many careerists in their ranks, and they bring out the worst in me. Among the politics junkies, the single issue obsessives and the genuine progressives who still think there's hope in the Liberal Party, so many of them just ooze desperate longing to rise high in the Liberal Party as it used to be, the vast machine for apportioning power and patronage.

We're helping to hammer the final nail into that sense of inevitable never-ending cycle - oh sure maybe out of power every once and a while, but soon to return and back to making sure the right sort of people are on hand when the cream has risen to the top.

No wonder some of them hate us.

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