Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Other Shoe Drops

Iggy comes clean and concedes that the path to him becoming Prime Minister lies with an 'arrangement' with the NDP.
Michael Ignatieff is saying clearly for the first time that he could defeat a minority Conservative government and make a case to the Governor-General that his party could govern with the support of others – and without another trip to the polls.

Until now, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has only said the party that wins the most seats on May 2 can “try” to win the confidence of the House of Commons. While the comment carried an obvious implication, he spelled it out for the first time Tuesday.

“Let’s run it right out so we’re all clear,” Mr. Ignatieff said in a live interview with the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge.

“If [Conservative Leader Stephen] Harper wins the most seats and forms a government but does not secure the confidence of the House, and I’m assuming Parliament comes back, then it goes to the Governor-General. That’s what happens. That’s how the rules work.

“And then, if the Governor-General wants to call on other parties – or myself, for example – to try and form a government, then we try and form a government. That’s exactly how the rules work and what I’m trying to say to Canadians is I understand the rules, I respect the rules, I’ll follow them to the letter and I’m not going to form a coalition,” he said.
This comparatively simple declaration that the Liberals plan to follow the rules of parliamentary democracy tells us what to expect and makes it clearer than ever that progressives should be fighting for the most NDP seats possible to get the best possible terms for any such arrangement.


CK said...

That makes no sense, given how Layton has been attacking Iggy far more than Stevie Harper these days. Hell, the only attack ads I see on my tv screen from the NDP are ones attacking Iggy; not Harper.

Cliff said...

I refer you to my response to all such specious complaints here

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