Friday, June 21, 2013


Been a wet day here.
This is three blocks away from me.

I live in the downtown core of Calgary.  A relatively dry spot two blocks outside the evacuation zone.  I'm high and dry on the 26th floor of an apartment building but I'm not going anywhere.  We are completely surrounded by evac zones and all of the bridges in and out of downtown are closed.

On the plus side still have power and clean water and the river water appears to have crested.

New occupants of the courthouse jail-cells, evac'd from the zoo.

There's an eerie ghost town quality to the streets below.  I've lived in Calgary almost 25 years this is dramatically different in scope and severity to any flooding the city has experienced in the past (1994, 2005 - neither were anywhere close to as severe.)  the irony is inescapable: the major power center of the global warming industries of Canada is experiencing what is very likely the consequence of severe climate change.

And next week a political party more concerned with attacking trade unions than even acknowledging the existence of climate change is meeting here.

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