Friday, February 17, 2017

Creeping Ten Commandments Law

I think we should start a movement to protect against the insidious threat of 'Ten Commandments law'.

Sure the Christians and Jewish people claim following Ten Commandments Law is just a religious duty on individual Christians and Jews  and that for instance they don't want to force their barbaric cultural practice of mutilating little boys genitalia on everyone else, but can we believe them? 

There are examples of their followers putting their religious directives in schools and courtrooms, demanding that women follow their religious directives on birth control and abortion regardless of whether they are of the same faith and demanding legal persecution of LGBT people based on their beliefs.

Clearly creeping 'Ten Commandments Law' is a very real threat and not just a mischievous equivalency to Sharia law I am making for satirical purposes  to make the little vein in their foreheads throb.

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Les Smith said...

I think you're on to something.
Case in point re: mutilating babies.
This past year, some hard data were published regarding the (unintended) complications of routine infant circumcision, and they were, as to be expected, alarming. The American Association of Pediatrics took the occasion to walk back (a little) their 2012 recommendation to circumcise youngsters. They had published MEDICAL ADVICE that the benefits outweighed the risks. (in the same document they admitted the risks were unknown, so the policy was absurd on its face)
In the commentary softening their previous stand, they said that the underlying aim of 2012 circumcision policy was to counter proposals to prohibit non-therapeutic circumcision of minors.
Wait, What? Didn't they just admit that they published medical advice that intentionally misrepresented the facts, in order to protect a religious practice from criticism?
source: Andrew Freedman, The circumcision debate: Beyond benefits and risks. Pediatrics 137 (5), May 2016.

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