Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Starvation Experiments

The story appeared yesterday and seems to have sunk beneath the surface with nary a ripple.

Beginning in 1942, and ending nobody seems to know when, Canadian government bureaucrats deliberately withheld food and nutritional supplements from native communities and native children to chart the progress of various kinds of malnutrition.

Some communities would get vitamins, others as the control groups would not.  Residency schools would get half their milk ration cut to observe the effect on the tiny bodies imprisoned within. Dental services would be deliberately withdrawn from groups of children to better see the progress of malnutrition related gum disease and tooth decay.  Adulterated food that could not be legally sold to white people would be provided to see its effects.

These horrific, Mengele reminiscent experiments with the hungry bodies of children weren't performed in Nazi death camps they were conducted in Canada only a few short decades ago.

Where is our outrage?

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