Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another day, another 'Rachel Marsden acts like a psycho' story

Spotted at Scott's Dia Tribes:

Rachel Marsden, serial stalker, Anne Coulter wannabe, former Fox News personality fired for being too crazy for even Fox news (!) and ongoing raving train wreck is being investigated for criminal harassment again.

From the Toronto Star story:

A right-wing former Fox TV pundit is being investigated for criminal harassment after accusing an ex-boyfriend of leaking Canadian anti-terrorism secrets.

Rachel Marsden, prominent in the late 1990s for accusing a Simon Fraser University swimming coach for raping and stalking her, says OPP anti-terrorism Const. Tony Backhurst fed her top-secret papers.

"I don't know why he (gave me the documents)," she said yesterday in an email response to an interview request, "other than perhaps he was too cheap to buy me jewelry and figured state secrets would be a good substitute."

She denied harassing the officer.

"I live in NYC," she wrote. "If I was going to 'stalk' anyone from that kind of a massive distance, it sure wouldn't be that loser.

"Anyone who reads my blog or column knows it would be (French President) Nicolas Sarkozy!"

Yeah, any French Secret Service agents out there? One would hope darling Rachel would set off some alarms if she ever tried to disembark at de Gaulle Airport.

The Star story has a concise run down of Rachel's long history of, lets be circumspect and call it eccentricity:
  • Marsden grew up in Port Coquitlam, B.C., and was enrolled at Simon Fraser in 1995 when she accused swimming coach Liam Donnelly of sexual harassment over a 16-month period and date rape.
  • In 1997, prominent feminists took up her cause.
  • Donnelly was fired. Two months later, he was exonerated, paid compensation and rehired, and the university president resigned over mishandling the case.
  • In 1999, Marsden was warned she would be evicted from campus residence unless she agreed to stay away from Donnelly and SFU criminology professor Neil Boyd. Both complained she was stalking them, although no charges were laid.
  • In 2002, Marsden was charged with criminally harassing former Vancouver radio host Michael Morgan after being warned to stay away from him. In 2004, she pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a conditional discharge.
This list doesn't include items like racist on air comments about Pakistani hygiene, describing water-boarding as 'CIA swim lessons', working for soon to be disgraced Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal under a fake name, oh and photo shopping her head onto Julia Robert's body for one of her many provocative website photos.

Too crazy even for Fox
She's Baaaack

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