Monday, December 03, 2007

Jesus, what balls!

George W. Bush actually has the gall to complain that Senate Democrats are using a procedural trick to keep him from using a procedural trick.

President Bush Monday welcomed back Congress by criticizing Democrats for their priorities and blasting the Senate for using a procedural maneuver to prevent him from making recess appointments.
“In a political maneuver designed to block my ability to make recess appointments, congressional leaders arranged for a senator to come in every three days or so, bang a gavel, wait for about 30 seconds, bang a gavel again, and then leave,” Bush said. “Under the Senate rules, this counts as a full day. If 30 seconds is a full day, no wonder Congress has got a lot of work to do.”

For those who don't know, Bush has in the past used recess appointments to give power to psychotic far right wingers who he knew the Senate would not approve. He is literally, petulantly complaining that the Senate is preempting one of his orgies of right wing nut-bar enabling by deliberately circumventing their constitutional duty to vet his choices.

It's like a mugger complaining that his potential victim was engaging in a mean-spirited campaign of staying in well lit crowded areas.

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