Friday, April 07, 2006

Harper VS Klein

"Dual practice creates conflict of interest for physicians as there would be financial incentive for them to stream patients into the private portion of their practice," Harper said in the letter sent last Friday. "Furthermore, dual practice legitimizes queue-jumping as it provides an approved mechanism for patients to pay to seek treatment at the front of the line. Moreover, such dual practice may be a magnet for rural physicians to migrate to urban centres."

This from Stephen Harper, the man who in 1997, said that Canada "should scrap the Canada Health Act." Somebody really want's to take the political center and appeal to central Canada. That said, give him credit; Stephen Harper made as unequivacable a message that he opposed the Third Way as any Prime Minister could without handing Klein a westerners vs the big bad feds PR win.

While Dinning's anti-Third Way stand is begining to look like a way to differentiate himself from Preston Manning.

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