Thursday, April 20, 2006

Study: The greater the sexual equality the greater the sexual satisfaction.

This one doesn't come as much of a suprise. Mutual respect, mutual desire to please the other and see the other's needs as important? How odd that this would lead to higher sexual satisfaction.

Feminism is a pro-sex movement.


The Writer said...

Hmmm...all pornographic evidence to the contrary :)

I've sometimes decried 'feminism' in that, when taken to extremes, it can lead to a pedantic rhetoric, an irrational mirror image of its paternal opposition, rather than an alternative progression.

But pro-sex? Now that is something we can all get behind (and under, and over, and...) To be anti-sex, after all, would quite literally mean the end of the world.

You're on to something, Rusty. Thanks for the stimulating topic ;)

Cliff said...

Best Beavis voice: "Heh heh, you said stimulating heh heh..."

Thanks for the comments, I was explicitly making a piont about the bad rap feminism has for being anti-sex, pedantic and humorless.

For every walking male-phobic nightmare like Andrea Dworkin, feminism has included many enthusiastic, egalitarian women who see feminism as a way to deepen male/female relationships.

There's been a bit of a mini-movement lately to focus on all the things boys growing up today are losing out on in the modern world. The implication being that a world where half the human species is considered lesser beings, held treasures undreamed of by today's deprived boys.

It's nice to see some evidence suggesting that female empowerment has some concrete benefits for men too.

It's intuitive, to me at least.

mirrormask said...

As an egalitarian, enthusiastic woman who is also a feminist I say we need more people to get behind the pro-sex movement. The only way it can really take off is if we all learn to laugh about it a bit, after all comedy has traditionally given movements their strength. Just look at Eve Ensler.

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